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A ‘Reformation’ is a spiritual movement which labors to correct the wrong doings and effects of erroneous doctrines in the Body of Christ. Its objective is the thorough, comprehensive & permanent change of the erroneous teachings, abuses and corruption to which the church has been subjected. This change will result in the church being conformed into the image of Jesus Christ, emerging as God intended it to be. This is deliverance for those who seize the opportunity to believe, accept and walk in the ‘Truth’. God has said He is coming back for a blameless church, a church without spot or blemish. We have been commissioned to go forth in the power of the Holy Spirit to bring about this change in the Body of Christ. The remaking may be painful to the flesh, but it will yield the peaceable fruit of righteousness. We believe that the Scriptures from Genesis to Revelation are the true uncompromising Word of God.


Team Leaders


Dr. Mary Banks

Apostle & Founder

Pastor Starr Groff

Senior Pastor
BTI Online Church


Pastor Norris Wise

Assistant Pastor: Norris Wise

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Pastor Gayle Dessaw

Online Church

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We are an online body of believers from all parts of the world brought together by the Truth of God's Word and an internet connection. We not only see & hear Bible Teachers International broadcasts, we connect through the Online Church Discipleship Room to bring clarity of the message and be discipled in the Truth. Bible Teachers International is the only place we have experienced the full 5-fold ministry as we see it in the book of Eph. 4:11-15. The Online Church has made that available to ourselves & our family. It is a Refreshing, Uplifting, & Encouraging place to be. We thank God for the Online Church!
Pastors Jeff and Robin Hancock of Illinois

Online prayer & discipleship started a whole new life for me & others in Ohio from 2002-2014. I was among the first to prove how well it worked to connect people to Christ. As I went out, I met people who wanted & needed Bible study and invited them to my home. We became a core group & soon began participating in the first online prayer & discipleship online. It was a precious time in our lives & some of us are still alive to keep proclaiming that Word and that life! We were & are the innovators of a great movement in Christ! God is still changing lives in Ohio & around the world via the BTI Online Church!
Bonny Dyer of Florida

I have been a member of BTI for many years where truth is being ministered. I owe my spiritual growth to such teachings of the Word of God. I was changed when I saw that my wrong thinking was destroying the love in my relationships with family & friends. The BTI Online Church is a division of Bible Teachers International. I cannot attend my BTI church location as I would like to here, so I thank the Lord for the Online Church, not just for myself but for all others around the world who can access truth when there is no other place for them to go. This is a place of truth where the Word of God is the final authority.
Jemma Armstrong of Toronto

Personally I Have Been Blessed Over The Years to Have The Priviledge To Access The Online Church, A Virtual Sanctuary With Various Platforms To Study And Fellowship Around The Truth Of God's Word. The Leaders Provide Discipleship And Ministry Platforms Of Learning Truth Shared Through The Reformation Of Bible Teachers International. This Affords Us Greater Comprehension, Understanding and Fellowship With Others Who Join Us From Different Global Locations World Wide. These Platforms Are Just A Click Away, And They Have Benefited Me Greatly In My Training As A Pastor!
Pastor Dahlia Deleon, Toronto, Canada.

The online church has helped me to keep my spiritual walk within the boundaries of the faith. It includes a team of spirit-filled, word bred leaders whose only desire is to work with the Holy Spirit to perfect the body of Christ. The integrity of my walk has been tested, revealed, and challenged to my good. The leaders are living examples of the New and Living Way, providing a looking mirror of righteousness for all who will entertain and obey the teachings of the Bible. They have encouraged me when there was no land ministry available in my city. If you're in a spiritual slump or in need of refueling or edification, God has a people to build the character of Christ in all willing souls. God bless and keep you all. LaShondra Robinson of Louisiana

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